Friday, June 15, 2012

Disney Wonder to Alaska

These are some of the over 3,000 photos we took of the Disney Ship Wonder and the cruise we were on from Seattle, Washington to Alaska. The ship itself is highlighted in these photos. It is an amazing and fun cruise to take, and the ship never felt crowded. Here is our first look at the ship.

We were some of the first to board, and so got many unobstructed photos.
Kiddie Pool. Conveniently located next to the Buffet and food courts.

Here is one of a pair of hot tubs.  
 Another pool. These pools were kept extremely warm, although no one in our party tried them out during the trip, we saw many kids braving the elements to spend time in the pools.
Rough seas and rainy weather were not uncommon during the trip. Surprisingly, the rougher the seas, the more my Disney husband and I loved it! The rocking of the ship was great for sleeping!


  1. Very nice! Awesome to get the chance to photograph before the decks got too full.

  2. It ws Lee! In fact, it never seemed like there were many people up on "Deck 10", the top deck. It was so wet and rainy, or very very cold, that the majority of folks stayed inside. The pools were located on Deck 9 with the buffet and food court.


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